I Wonder What It Feels Like

The break up and betrayal of my ex girlfriend is getting at me badly. I feel sad and lonely and not too particularly interested in women at the moment. I need some type of release to all this. So i'm asking to the people that use it, what does it feel like? Is it worth the money?
loverOfScience loverOfScience
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

You reason is the same reason I decided to get one... Not interested in the "dating game" and my last girlfriend was a serious head **** at times (I'm sure it was just because of her contraceptive choice).
Long story short... Not interested in dating, but still interested in getting my socks off to some degree... Honestly man I would highly recommend getting one, I got the cyborg edition and it was great, one of the greatest experiences I had ever had. It takes ****** to a whole new realm of toe-curling, body shaking ecstasy. Try it out you won't regret it, well worth the money.
I was so impressed I ended up getting 4 more! Just because of the inner textures and how different they each are. Sex with a fleshlight is unlike anything you can even experience with a woman.