Just Love Jane Austen's Books

I first became acquainted with Jane Austen's work when "Pride and Prejudice" was required reading for English Literature at University.  I loved it so much I read her other books as well and they are each and every one of them as wonderful as Pride and Prejudice.  My personal favourite is Mansfield Park as Fanny Price is one of my favourite literary heroines.  She portrays a patience, perseverance and sweetness that are truly angelic as she lives as an outcast among rich relatives and finally wins the heart of the man she always loved.
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I like that one too!<br />
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I also just saw the 2007 version of Persuasion and I loved it! Anne grows and changes. He fell in love with her because she's a quiet strength. All the emotion was read on her face without the actress saying much. Out of all the characters in Jane Austen I can relate to Anne the most. Sooner or later though you have to speak up. She does when its most important so everything she says has meaning. I didn't read the book though, I have to get that.

Thank you for your interesting comment and I will certainly check out your recommendation.

Hi! I love Jane Austen too, and especially enjoyed Pride and Prejudice! :)<br />
If you like the idea of having a voice talent with a British accent read it to you (and one who really brings the characters to life), you can download the audiobook at http://librivox.org/pride-and-prejudice-by-jane-austen-2/ for free! :) Hope you'll like it as much as I do. :)

Jane Austin book club, anyone?

Ooh! Sounds like great fun! Can I come?

Oh, doesn't everybody just love Lizzy and Darcy? And where have all the Darcys gone? Thankyou for your comment. P&P is one of the most sensational books ever written and justifiably more popular than ever.

No, indeed. Pleased to meet you, fellow Mansfield Park lover!

me either i read mansfield park one summer that was the first time i discovered jane austen for th first time!!! i got captured!!! from the first page till the last one although th book contained more than 500pages!!! but when the plot is so smart and the characters are just cute you cant stop!! can you?

How kind! Thank you, Southern Plains:).