Tom Jones And Janis Joplin

Saw this on YouTube and had to share. Had. To. A GREAT PERFORMANCE ...

When I was younger there was no bigger fan of Janis Joplin than me. When I got older I was so mad on how she died, literally could not listen to her for a long time. A lot of what happened to her was indirectly caused by the bulling and taunting at her in High School. Nowadays we see it has not stopped, and with the recent high school & college ageed students sucides in the news these past few weeks it just makes me sad all over again.

No one put a gun to the Pearl's head and said 'drink this', or 'shoot that' .. but you got to wonder how badly she felt as people went out of their way to make fun of her early in her life. She litterally ran to San Franscisco. Then the drugs really began. Being a gal from Texas, it was natural her drink of choice was Southern Comfort.

She died in 1970 at 27. To put it in perspective, Jimmy Johnson, former head coach of the Univ of Miami and the Dallas Cowboys, of The NFL PreGame Show on FOX TV .. went to High School with Janis.

Tom Jones is still kicking ***, has a new CD and was recently profiled on CBS' Sunday Morning wih Charles Osgood.

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Richie, bullying was frowned upon in California back then, but it was very popular in Pennsylvania. It pretty much depended geographically where you were. Back in the 60's & 70's we pretty much accepted each other. Now we just tolerate each other. We have gone backward in this country, not forward, I'm sorry to say. There are some places that have really made a great deal of progress in common decency. Dallas, Texas is one of them. Back in '63 when JFK was murdered, a lot of people thought that Oswald did America a huge favour. But a lot of others loved him. Now, there is more understanding and acceptance of people than there was back then. But if you go to the eastern suburbs of Dallas to places like Rockwall, there is a lot of similarities to Port Arthur. Another city that has made enormous progress is Columbus, Ohio. But some of the suburbs are worse now than they were back in the 60's. One of them is Westerville. Bullying there is rampant. But the area that really surprised the hell out of me is almost all of western New York state. There has been more progress there than I ever would've guessed 40 or even 10 years ago. They are an excellent example of fine souls that have truly learned from their mistakes. Not everyone is like that, but even the hard core bullies have mellowed a little. Their numbers are dropping substantially. We've come a long way, but we have a long way to go, too. When Janis died, she took with her "another piece of my heart." It still beats, but every so often, it beats for her too.

@ sugarbritches ... My feelings exactly ... I cannot even say the name 'Janis' without feeling this way ... Maybe that is why out of all the music artists we have lost to drugs and alcohol this is the one that is the most painful.<br />
<br />
Maybe that is why her songs are not playe as much as others.<br />
<br />
Maybe NOW we an ALL wake up to the call to STOP BULLYING. This is starting to be the new 'IN' thing. Where was it 40 years ago .. ?

I was only 12 when I saw Janis Joplin @ Monterrey back in '67. She had that bottle of Southern Comfort in one hand and holding the mic with the other. It's such a shame that the people in her hometown of Port Arthur, TX were so mean to her. She put that town on the map. The residents of Port Arthur are no different today than they were back then. For the most part, they are still very mean spirited people. When she was found dead on the morning of October 4, 1970, the shock started to set into all of us who loved her so much. Many of us were asking "How could this happen to Janis?" We just didn't understand. But we've had 40 years to think about how she was treated by her own family and the people of Port Arthur. Such a shame. Such a waste. Such a talent. She still lives on in the hearts of her fans even now, 40 years after her tragic and lonely death. Port Arthur has turned bullying into an art form.