She Got Me An A+

In 10th grade my teacher asked us to think of someone who's made an impact on history and we had to dress the part and act them out...I chose Janis Joplin...I straightenend my hair, parted it in the middle, bell bottoms, peasant top whole bit...I gave my speech about her and at the end I started tapping on the podium and sang "Mercedes Benz"... 
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Very true Unperfect. :)<br />
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That is so awesome. I am a huge fan of Janis and all that she stood for. I think that she was a very talented and artistic soul, but someone that just wanted to be excepted. We can actually all learn a lot from her life story..especially on how we treat people and look to them for what is on the inside and not on the out. Great story!

yeah it was pretty fantastic...oh I got an A+, the teacher said it was very original lol

allrightt!!! that would have been so cool. May I ask what grade you got on your speech? Should have gotten an A++ just for the subject you chose towrite it on!lol........ mojo