..am I Crazy?..i Think Not..

I love Japan..I°m going to learn the language..I love the culture..For me Japan it°s like a dream from who you never want to wake up..It°s not something that I could change..It°s forever..

A long time ago, a friend put me a question:
"If you could know that in the day you°ll go to visit Japan it will be an earthquake and you will die , would still go?.."
My answer:
"Yes..I will not change anything..I could pay with my life for that wonderful moment ; I will still don°t change it..Because I live for .. that moment..For that feeling that you have just once in the life..I will do all that I have to do to reach that moment..Even if that means that I have to struggle and suffer.."

Am I the only one in this world who feels like this? ^^ ..
Jigoku Jigoku
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 31, 2012

Yeah, pretty much. But there's a lot of cultural quirks you have to know about Japan. For instance, people will look at you like you're a crazy barbarian if you don't peel your fruit--including grapes. Also, some of the larger cities like Tokyo don't have toilet paper in the public restrooms. You have to buy it from a vending machine or bring your own with you before.

Also, I'm sure that after being there for awhile, Japan will be disenchanted to you. It won't be like a paradise anymore, because you romanticize it. So, getting there and experiencing some of the good things, then dying would be a lot better than staying there for awhile, then losing some of that passion for it, then dying.

It's still probably a hell of a lot better than the U.S., though, imo.

Word of advice...when you go....do your best to make sure you will know Bus/Train routes or rent a bicycle or have extra money to rent a car. Since Japan Is smaller....it's has alot in one spot for sure but sight seeing is a must and no matter How much pre-googling places you seen before going you will always find or see a spot you wanna go to that not like, Scheduled lol

well go for a visit it would be nice to see the place you wanted to see.