Looking For Suggestions

This isn't so much a story rather it is attempt to gather suggestions, and help me with a decision. My dad is a World War II veteran who served in the pacific theater. He is still living at the young age of 87. When I was a kid he never talked about his experience at all. On occasion if I was in the attic with my mother I would go through boxes his old uniforms, medals, or pictures.

However, a few years ago my mother gave me a couple of boxes full of memorabilia he had brought home from the pacific as souvenirs. Going through these things I came across many interesting items: Japanese coins and paper money, tokens, documents in Japanese that appear to be ID cards and other forms of identification or war propaganda. These are just some of the items I have. My wish is to somehow reach out and find someone who can translate all or most of the documents and find out what they are. Also, If I can put a name to some of these items I would like to try an return them to descendants or relatives of the soldier or soldiers to whom these items belonged. I realize this may end up being very extensive as far as locating families, but I think they would appreciate the return of these things. I am asking, what are your opinions and is it worth my effort? With all this technology at my disposal where would I even start?

These items have been in my family's possession for 68 years I think its time I give them back if I can.
Thanks ahead for your advice/ opinions.
BumbleJam89 BumbleJam89
46-50, M
Oct 16, 2013