I am so obsessed with Japan it's taking over my exsisting life now, I'm 18 now it's been on my mind every day since I'm 12, it first started out of my love of hello kitty then I expanded and found the wonderful and amazing land of anime then as I got older I started experimenting with fashion and I am absolutely obsessed with looking Asian (I'm Irish by the way) so the total opposite really, my friends think it's strange they don't know what anime is and there so ignorant they actually think japanese people are Chinese. I have not got a friend in the world interested in the same things as me, when I was in school there was a little group of girls that loved anime and I so wanted to get in there with them but they taught I was slagging them. argh anyone from Ireland preferably dublin loveeeee japan too? 😍🙌
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Japan is amazing. I love japan too since I am half Japanese and traveled there myself.

I love Japan I've never been but there is just something so captivating about it! I watch my fair share of anime normally recommended by a group of friends who also watch it and as i suffer from frequent nosebleeds I become the centre of many anime related jokes 😅

Aw I'm so jealous none of my friends are interested in anime :-( they know pokemon that's it

Its a blessing and a curse haha. what anime do you watch? and yeah well I tend to stick to the Pokemon games but i can still recite the original theme yeah its sad I know!

Sad? Be proud 😝 it never leaves your head, I loved pokemon as a little child as did nearly everyone and I hadn't watched it for years and years and when I finally started back at ep 1 I still knew team rockets little quote by heart hehe 😏

Haha thanks! I used to watch it every chance i got Collected the cards too ha. I know what you mean! 😊 that quote i loved that! especially that one episode where Ash and co did the quote 😄

I still have all my cards! 😊 sold a few good ones on eBay and got great money for them 😜 I already have a pokeball tattoo I'm highly considering a team rocket one soon 🙈

I still have a few first edition ones left 😊 and thats awesome! and i bet a team rocket one would look pretty cool too! 😄

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I'm not Irish but I also Love Anime. So somehow I can relate. :D

What does it mean when you say "they thought you were slagging them"? Or what does slagging mean, anyway?

Your defo not Irish if you don't know what slagging means haha possibly one of the most known forms of Irish slang it basically means making fun of someone 😊