I would have sex with him.
Just saying. If Jason Aldean came to my door like right now and wanted to take my virginity, I'd let him. Don't matter if he's 20 years older than me... And my age limit is 13 years older. Jason Aldean is one of the only exceptions.
Southernpanda Southernpanda
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3 Responses Sep 1, 2014

Oh dayum lool Id rather get with luke Bryan lol

Not very Christian of you is it?-_-

Welllllllllllll no he literally like is irresistible to me 😂

And I meant figuratively... Like seriously I wouldn't know if he came to my door if I could even speak lol let alone jump in the sack with him XD

I was basing it more on the fact that you say being gay is a sin due to what it says in the bible..

Hes mine!! LOL

Haha nah he's mine XD

I meet Jason in prasen