Man With The Chin

I'm one of the biggest Jay fans EVER. I have 3 picture files I have containing photos of him as well as shots from movies he's had roles in.

I personally don't get the hate for this guy, to me...he can do no wrong. I love the way he tells really humorous stories and I love the way he changes his voice during monologues.

I have sent numerous letters to him but for some weird reason he hasn't replied to them yet, his book Leading With My Chin is simply hillarious and I heavily recommend reading it.

I know that a lot of people mainly CoCo fans think that he screwed Conan over but I don't think it was his own fault at all, it was mainly due to a ratings flop anyway.

Unfortunately being that I'm from New Zealand, I can't watch his show since we don't have NBC. Which is a damn shame because I really love his material.

Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
22-25, M
Dec 9, 2012