Ah, the Monolog(ue)s

The reason I enjoy watching the Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien (and sometimes David Letterman) shows is because of the monologs.

I couldn't really care much  about the interviews with actors etc, (except stand-up comedians :P), as I live in Sweden. We're just not as interested...

Me and my friends laugh a lot (even though it may be lame stuff... hehe, like those WTF-moments), so of course we enjoy watching the monologs.

Too bad, though, is that the shows are only replays here in Sweden, so sometimes we are laggin' a month behind, sometimes even years... So all the jokes about holidays about christmas, easter etc are all anachronistic... But 'tis fun anyway :P

myspip myspip
18-21, M
Jul 8, 2007