Kind Of Blue Is Kind Of Great

Love Jazz...just love it ...cannot get enough ... The best selling CD and the best CD I think ever made is Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue'. I have listened to this all day long ... Miles Davis was a visonary, developing a style of music that would set a new golden standard. My favorite song on 'Kind of Blue is 'All Blues' ... but the first song on the CD , 'So What' pulls you in and never lets you go ...

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@lightheart -- I can and have listened to rhis - and nothing but this - all day.

@ LeftyLonely - In a thought - Correct !

@ lovethe bush - I will - Thanks for the comment -

Check out Miles' stuff with Gil Evans !

One of my all time favorites. I remember when I was first introduced to it. That's a story in itself.

@ catwhiskers ...Yes ..! It does feel like a differant time ...<br />
<br />
@ KaikkMinusta ... It is great .. ! Saw a few of your posts and see you, too, are a jazz lover ... Nice to see you ..

I love jazz too!<br />
There is something so mystical about jazz that whenever I here it, I feel like I am in a different era.<br />

Thanks for the jazz story comment ...<br />
<br />
Time After Time is what you are listening to time and again, huh?<br />
<br />
Two very differant versions<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
This was supposed to be Tony Bennet but there is no version posted anywhere... This version is by an every day lounge singer but sounds just like him ....he may be lip syching for all I know...But it sounds ok<br />
<br />