John Coltrane's Meditations

The first John Coltrane recording I owned was Meditations. I was just getting into jazz back then and this was one of three albums that I had.  This was the wrong place to start.  I had been listening to new age music and some Dizzy Gillespie.  I though jazz was like the sound of falling rain.  When I heard the first notes of Father, Son, Holy Spirit, I thought a mountain had fallen on me.  I knew enough to know, it could be good, it could be crap but I had no standard by which to judge this music.   I decided to go on a path of study.  I started listening to jazz of the 40's and fifties.  I listened to big band and Charlie Parker. Then I got into Miles Davis in all of his incarnations.  I read books, worked my way up all the masters.  In about a year of educating myself, I knew how to listen to this album.  And now I love avant guard music.  And John Coltrane is a favorite.
holloway64 holloway64
46-50, M
Oct 21, 2012