Dave Brubeck 1920-2012 R.i.p.

One of the classics...Take Five 
Dave Brubeck - piano
Paul Desmond - alto sax
Eugene Wright - bass
Joe Morello - drums

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7 Responses Dec 5, 2012

An all time great R.I.P.

I got to see Dave in his 80s in an old theater in Rahway NJ... same place where Jack Black filmed the 'school of rock'. It was so interesting to watch these old men shuffle out to the stage so slow. ( the standing ovation was starting to sit down it took so long). Then when they started to play, they shed 50 years.from their frames. They indeed rocked the place.

You have good taste! Joe Morello was one of my hero's!

He will be surely missed. He was a great one.

I had just just started diggin him a couple years ago. I had been steadily building a collection of his work. He was a true genius of a musician!

May he RIP~


Saw Dave in the mid '70s and then again a few years ago at the Detroit Jazz Festival. The Man was a genius.

Very saddened by this :(