Brubeck's Last Concert

Dave Brubeck came to my college in the mid-Sixties, and the concert was billed as being his "last concert." As a fan, I would have gone anyway, but the prospect of seeing his last concert was almost too much to bear. Nevertheless, I went. The group ran through their usual numbers at the time, including "Take Five," something I still enjoy listening to because of its complex time signatures.

Of course, the concert didn't turn out to be his "last concert." Maybe it was the "last concert" of the first five hundred or whatever. Still, I will never forget the experience.
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2 Responses Dec 18, 2012

I tried to see Bruebeck once in Asheville NC in 2005. Tickets were $90. Consider yourself quite privileged to see the man in his prime.

Dave Brubeck... "Take Five" was played at 5/4 time. Brubeck says he got his rhythms from horses. Raised on a 45,000 acre ranch he spent allot of time on horseback listening to those hove beats.