Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers ~ Oscalypso

(Bass ~ Oscar Pettiford)

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7 Responses Jan 19, 2013

my first time hearing Blakely I believe. Nice

Excellent selection. I’m a big fan of Art Blakey and his aggressive style of drumming, so I really enjoyed this piece quite a bit.

Very engaging.

Mmmmm . . . that takes me back to **** Buckley's jazz programs on WBEZ in Chicago. That is where I first heard Art Blakey. Buckley had the greatest collection of Jazz I have ever heard (I think he had over 8,000 LPs) and his voice, as he introduced Jazz to people like me was deep and silky smooth and caught my attention.

This was AMAZING!!!

Thanks for sharing, Mon Amie~


I was wondering if that was a gong! lol Wild indeed! :-)

Hot number! Adding to my 'Running' play list

The Messengers (along with Horace Silver's groups) was a "graduate school" for many of my favorite players over the years - including Freddie Hubbard, my trumpet idol. I had the pleasure of hearing Art Blakey once, years ago. The energy he generated was beyond description. So... you like great music, you are intelligent, you are politically liberal, you are sensitive... Will you marry me? :)