I Have Always Known I Like Jazz But

the problem is I do not know eactly what kinds of jazz it is I like.  I like Weather Report,  Spyro Gyro, The Yellowjackets, The Rippington's, Chuck Mangione, Acoustic Alchemy and others. 

But I have heard some very lively songs with Sax and I would love to know what kind of jazz I was listening too.  I very much enjoy the very lively upbeat Jazz!  Do you know your jazz?  Maybe you can help guide me, if you think you have a feel for what I'm searching for.  I don't have a lot of money to just try out cd's.  I usually don't buy unless I know I'm going to like it.

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That's a good idea for me too :)

Dear New Shoes: <br />
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I would say that what you like is Fusion. This style was pretty controversial when it first started happening several decades ago, and as you can see from the post by jazzjules, people still have very different opinions about it. Enjoy your Fusion (I like some of it, too)!<br />
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But I would suggest that you explore the roots and history of jazz, too. There is so much to learn, and so much good music that can thrill your soul. You can get books and CDs and DVDs that will help you learn and you'll have fun. Try your local library (it's free) first.<br />
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Happy listening! CMI

Hi,I love mainstream jazz,have been brought up on it all my life and i dont regard the names you mentioned as jazz at all.Once you get into the sounds of Ben Webster,Sydney Betchet,Colman Hawkins,you wont look back,i suggest thats what you go for when next in a cd store.Regards Jazzjools