Found Some Bloopers

Someone put on a couple of the bloopers that Jeff has had over the years when taping one of his specials.

The one I found was where Walter unfolds his arms and Jeff loses his train of thought, someone in the audience trys to help and Walter tells him off.

Next is Peanut loses his hair, can't even describe it to do it justice but it is laugh so hard that you cry.

I also have posted a couple under the video section on this group.

Funny, Funny.

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

That is all some hysterical stuff. have you seen <br />
Sweet Daddy D? If not, you have to check it out!<br />
<br />

No I didn't see an achmend blooper going to have to find it now.

you rock dude !!! i saw the peanut thing.. but the walter stuff no... btw did u c when achmed lost his arm??