He is so funny, my brother was the first to show mean Jeff Dunham, and i will always be greatful be Jeff dunham has changed my life in a funny way, and i bow to Peanut he is the best one 

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The things jeff dunham made up i just want to appluad him<br />
of Jef-fa oh Jef-fa without me you would Suck-ka Brilliant, i wish i could go see him in a live show but he never comes here

Je-f-fa Dun --Ham Peanut is my favorite too.

emerald; I hate those damn kids also. ;-)

I like Walter the old grumpy fart! ;D THe older I get, the more he and I think alike! LOL

yeah he is the best for me my favorite is peanut

Jeff does Rock. I just love Jose Jelapeno.