A Controversial Stance Perhaps...

I admire JJ to no end. Yeah, so what if she's had a little cosmetic surgery and makes money from her (beautiful, bangin' and lickable) body.

She's a mom, a business woman and a damn strong lady.

All young ladies without fear need to look at her determination and admire it.

Kudos darlin'!! x

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Me too but for another reason, many years ago my first real partner was a woman with an interesting background. A bit different than Jenna but along the same lines. But why do I love Jenna? Except for the blonde hair, mine was the brunette Jenna, she is an almost perfect twin to my first real love. One small point of difference, they are separated by about 20 years. I always wanted to know what she might be like as she got a little older and I got a little wiser myself. It wasn't to be she OD'd a few years ago. That closed that book. Not long I saw Jenna for the first time on E in a special (with clothes on) and just about freaked out. I had never seen her in my life or any of her films. But this was the same wild child personality and looks I knew so well. Seeing a twin surprised me. I enjoyed it but I also know this isn't her twin but just another person who looks so much like my old friend.

We were together a couple of years, by the way great wild sex too reminding me a lot more of what I know about Jenna now. Being young and both of us wild, both of our lives moved on, we met when we were to immature. A lot of my life and my partners story reads a lot like parts of Jenna's book. Except we are not famous for anything. My partner was just this incredibly good looking and hot woman with a very unusual personality like Jenna's.

The show explained what Jenna as, she is the queen of XXX. Like i said my world was a bit wild and, well frankly, it doesn't make any difference to me what she is the queen of. I always liked live real action and I'm just not interested in phone, film, or skype sex. No way folks, don't give me play by film. Todays media encounters are not as much fun as what I enjoy with a few romantic hours touching and playing on the living female playground. Ok, now for me it's just fun to watch her occasionally as I wonder what is she really like. No not the media PR personna that we are allowed to see but the real Jenna Marie. If she is anything like we were, well frankly we were a bit of a narcissist. OK a lot narcisstic.

Time moves on and now I know how to live with women like Jenna. Today as a siilver fox I got over myself long ago. The good news for me is that at the gym the ladies anywhere near my age group are still trying. Bottom line I am fascinated by Jenna and there is just so miuch to learn that I may never get to know. My current partner thinks I'm nuts but my family who remembers my partner is awed by the similarity in their looks and lives. They both even made so many of the same mistakes from partners to drugs.

e elliott

I Love Jenna too!! 'How to make love like a pornstar - a cautionary tale' is one of my all time favorite books. That book is intense and from reading it you learn about what a hard life she had. I love at what a strong, beautiful, intelligent, business woman she is!!! She has had a lot of hardships and has gotten thru them all =)) I wish she would come out with another book, her autobiography story was amazing. I've read that book many times. If you haven't read her book, I highly recommend to get a copy of it, I think if you love her as much as you do, you'll love her book =))