My Boyfriend Looks Exactly Like Jensen Ackles!

Hi, I'm 17 and I work in a library as an assistant librarian. One of the best things of my life happened to me there on April 16th, 2012.
I saw Supernatural and got an instant crush for Jensen. He's my first ever crush. But I later learnt that he's married and I started acting stupid. Lol. I would kiss his pic every night and dream about being with someone like him. But one day, I realized that I'm being an idiot. There's no chance that we can be together. I began reading hate articles about Jensen and his interviews to get him off my mind. I understood that Jensen ain't my type. I would never want to be with a guy like that. But I'll always love him for his looks and acting!
As I mentioned before, I work as an assistant librarian and my boss is a jerk. Ever since I joined, that *** never even lifted a pen! I would be too busy in the library to notice anything. On a regular work day, my head was in the maintenance book when a guy came to my desk and said, "Hi". I was too stuffed to look up. I groaned, "Hi". He said, "Could you please help me? I can't find 'WINGS OF FIRE' anywhere". Without looking up, I sighed and said, "Just a minute". He replied, "Sure!". I got up and walked to the required shelf. I pulled out three copies of the book he wanted and turned around and saw him- OMFG! He looked cell to cell, bit to bit like a teenage Jensen Ackles! The books fell out of my hands on the floor. He said, "Oh" and picked them up for me. He looked at me and we stared at each other for almost a minute. I regained myself and said, "That'll be enough". I came back to my desk. But I couldn't concentrate at all. I sneaked at him from time to time and he did the same. I was POOFED!
He'd come everyday and try to talk with me. But I'd be rude. One day, he asked me out. I put on the Rude Cape. I said, "Why? We don't even know each other". He told me that he'd been coming to the library from 2 years and he also knew that I was just a member at first but later I started working here. I still rejected his proposal. He seemed all cool about it though. But later, we met twice accidentally in extremely epic situations. I then said that he could be my friend. He agreed.
Honestly, I'd noticed him only for the looks. But then I came to know that he is such a nice guy! A Prince Charming that every girl wants! Last week, he told me that he'd liked me since 2 years and that he'd like to be in a serious relationship with me. I declined. But yesterday, I became honest and told him that I liked him too. And we're so happy to be together! He loves me, his family loves me, my family loves him and I love him.
The only difference between Nikhil and Jensen is that Nikhil's a brunette, not a blonde and he's tall enough for me (6'4"). But now the looks don't mean that much to me. Yet, he's becoming sexier day by day! And though better than Jensen, I love him for what he is and I'm glad that he loves me for what I'm. I love you, Nikhil. <3
Dikshacursed Dikshacursed
18-21, F
May 15, 2012