Feel Like Jersey Shore Is Brainwashing Me

I am watching Jersey Shore for about a week, a couple of episodes a day and I feel like it is brainwashing me. Literally. How I behave, how I feel, what I say, even how I walk...

I noticed it, by observing other people: how they are behaving around me, how they are reacting to my actions. Also, I think I am most influenced by Situation =j so... you know what I mean. Ha))
I can't say that this is good or bad ..well, it's bad for my overthinkingness and good for my social life.
One thing I know for sure, it is increasing my confidence A LOT

Oh Yeah !!!!! =D haha!
Dan193 Dan193
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Haha :) Dang, I should start watching Jersey Shore...

ha)) yeah, it will change your life =P

That is how I feel about Grey's Anatomy these days... I want to be a surgeon now lol.

hm.. I wanted to be a surgeon too, however in the last minute I decided that I want to be a businessman