Rethinking Judas

  I remember hearing the music when I was a teen. My parents had the album, and I would sit and listen to it for hours. 

 Then the movie came out, and we went as a family to see it like we had seen so many other movies. I enjoyed it, and it made me listen to the album even more. But there was something about the film that made me think and wonder, "Why do we think of Judas as the bad guy? If Judas hadn't done what he did, how would life be different?" Questions after questions came to mind around Judas.

 When I finally got a Netflix account, I rented the dvd as I hadn't seen the film in a while. I would watched it a few times, then send it back, then awhile later I would rent it again. I finally figured that I needed to buy it.

What I had also noticed with Netflix was another version of it. I kept ignoring it as I had rarely seen a film where the remake was even as close to being as good as the original. For some reason I decided that I would rent it. Wow, I thought that the original movie was good, but this one topped it. 

 I went out a few days later and bought Jesus Christ Superstar 2000. I sat and watched the film, then the extras. There was an interview with the writer, and he said something that made me realize why I had the questions about Judas and had come to feel that Judas was actually a good person. Jesus Christ Superstar is really looking at Christ through the eyes of Judas. I rented the original again, and on there was a different interview with the writer where he said the same thing.

 Now my eyes are open when it comes to watching the films and when I think of Judas.

RedDwarf RedDwarf
51-55, M
Oct 25, 2009