Im Not Trying to Be Perfect..

   I know people might sometimes look at me and think my life is so peachy! My life has flaws also. Just because I don’t cuss my parents out, run wild or act disrespectful to my elders doesn’t mean my life doesn’t have fault. Nobody can be perfect but † GOD himself and if you try and strive to be as perfect as GOD then your seriously wasting your time. I’m just being real. Life is way too short for you to try to be somebody your not. Just be glad about the person that GOD has made you on today because he didnt make a quiter when he made you!!(GOD DOESNT PUT YOU IN A SITUATION THAT HE KNOW YOU CANT BEAR) I can say that Im a person that has been through a lot but that’s in my PASS, GOD has brought me out of that..I’ve moved on and people make mistakes, like I said before NOBODY IS PERFECT but GOD! So yes I do cross my legs and speak correctly, keep good grades, and most of  the time does what needs to be done, but just keep in mind my life has flaws just like yours!!   NOBODY IS PERFECT BUT GOD! BELIEVE THIS -NICOLE  ~GOD BLESS AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!~HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND STAY SAFE!!
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I really do hope that you get something out of my stories please comment on it and tell me how you feel! and thanks to those who have done so already =) everyone is open to discuss however they may feel on my stories =)! thanks for reading them!<br />
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May GOD continue to bless you all!. and remember to keep GOD first always because when you acknowlege him, He will always acknowlege you!<br />
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