Secret Of Energy

What is your secret of energy? My secret of energy is none other than the supreme star of this universal called Jesus Christ. When I was feeling tired and exhausted I feel his presence, It's not a miracle, I just tend to feel his presence when I was down and out. Human can't give us energy when we were down. Just feel his presence, believe that he knows everything about your strugglings, Believe that he'll give you the answer if not at least he'll deliver you the strength to tolerrate your pain phyically or emotionally he'll do it for you.

neeran neeran
26-30, M
6 Responses Aug 14, 2010

Hey! We all are blessed

I am also a very spiritual person. I draw on the strength of Jesus to make it through every day. Praise Jesus!!! He gave his life so that we may be pardoned from the sins we commit daily. When I am at my lowest, I know that is when he carries me, there are times when I feel I can't continue on, but He shows me that I can....Great post...

Sometimes I tend to loose energy because of the people who are around me. : (

I hear you strong conviction, my brother, and I believe what you say, about Jesus being your source of strength. May His holy name be praised!

Thank you my dearest Sister! Hope your fine and energetic as always : )

Yes, I have experienced this many times, - He never lets us down, even though we don't always realize it in dark times.