God Loves You!

I love God with all my heart and i want to have such a strong faith but it is so hard when all your friends are non believers i keep praying that God would bring me new friends, friends that love God so we can fellowship and not get caught up in the world and all its sin but so far there is no answer but i have faith that God will bring me christian friends i love what my pastor says that sometimes if God isnt answering it dosnt mean he isnt there he is just quietly working in the background.
CaileeKode CaileeKode
18-21, F
4 Responses Jun 10, 2011

well i will be your friend :) i dont get on much but i do have an email adress that i check regurly if u wanted sort of a pen pal.. also i go to a small church where i live they put up the audio from the teachings if u were interested in the website let me know

Keep up the faith and wait on God psalms1;1

Thank you and yes I agree I didn't mean for it to sound that I don't cherish my friends its just with them it is easy to stumble and not be accountable for my actions and I deff do not force my faith on them thank you for the comment

I admire your passion for Christ and your love for God. :) Remember, though, that your friends are your friends for a reason. They must have supported you in a time of need or had fun with you. Remember these good qualities, and think of the possibility that God brought you into their lives to guide them closer to Him. You don't have to verbally remind them of your religion, necessarily - just live in your faith and pray that they will see the difference and become inspired. Fellowship with Christians is important, but living in the "real world" and influencing it is important, too! :)