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I Want To Spend My Life With You

There's no greater love than God's. He offered His begotten son, Jesus Christ, to save us. I love Jesus Christ because if it wasn't because of Him, it could have been us nailed on that cross.
428674han 428674han 22-25, M 1 Response Aug 12, 2011

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You realize you're talking about a dead Jew from a couple thousand years ago--not an imaginary friend sitting on your shoulder?<br />
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Crucifixion kind of went out with the Roman Empire, pal. Jesus wasn't the first one to hang painfully and bleed, either--just the one that got lucky enough to inspire a following that turned Rome's eye.<br />
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And as for God, let's talk about how he hasn't called back since--Oh wait, he never called you, you just decided he was real, along with over fifty percent of the American populace who read the Bible and take it for the given law of the universe, rather than shakily translated ideology.<br />
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I mean, not knocking you for the notion that you have someone out there that loves ya, but get in touch with reality, mate. Invisible Man ain't saving you from starvation if you can't do it yourself--and he certainly doesn't care about stopping his own from showing their "love" to us who are different.<br />
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I mean, Jesus, fine. He was a cool dude. A very charitable and tolerant man--definitely--and unquestionably *real*. I could sympathize with him if I met him, even if I didn't agree with 100% of his points, or his perception that he's the Son of God--which was what got him pinned up by Pilot in the first place.<br />
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No, if there's going to be an opposition here--it's for the lack of distinction--do you think that he'd want you to mindlessly follow his beliefs, without understanding the means and motivation--just because someone said "God is Love"?<br />
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Do more, show more, understand the role more. People like me don't snub their noses at God or Jesus--they snub them at you guys getting worked up and preachin' Empty Love with one tongue, and Hellfire with the other.