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I did not grow up in a christian family.  My father was controlling and abusive. I went into foster care at 17.  I attended a catholic church, and while there I was baptized. Catholics believe that being baptized as the same thing as being saved, which is not true. So I was saved at 20 and started to walk with the Lord for real at that point. I will back up a minute here and share something remarkable.  At 19 I hit a pastor on a motorcycle.  Luckily he lived, and I met him a few years later.  He married my husband and I, and has remained a part of my life.  We joined his church this past year.  If you are struggling with your faith, I hope I can be an inspiration for you.  I have been through so much hell and yet I am still standing today, and I do not stand alone.
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God bless you, and I am so glad.

Your story is a favorite of mine now . I just became a member and I to LOVE JESUS MY LORD AND SAVIOR / FATHER GOD. I wanted to say thank you for your story it lifted me up to read it. GOD BLESS SISTER IN CHRIST JESUS . Amen

Jame and Renee , I loved your story and I love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . I pray for all here in this group may our Lord bless you with abundance. in Jesus Christ name. Amen GOD BLESS YOU ALL

I'm pleased for you, I've been saved too from a massive earthquake. That's when I truly believed.

i too was brought up in a very strong catholic home, - baptised - communion - confirmation the whole ten yards , to church every sunday plus - until i eft home and went on my own. my wife was also brought up pretty much the same but not quite as bad. we weren't maried in a catholic church but i don't think god is going to hold that against us. but to cut a long story short what with all the bad things that has happened to me over just the last couple of years I WONDER ? ? ? ? some how i've gotten away from the church [it doesn't matter what kind] and just don't know how to get back and wonder if maybe i would be able to stop having all these negative thoughts about my life and see more things on a lighter side before it comes to my turn to see the final light.

This is a really good testimony. I didn't grow up in church either and I got saved at 21. I use to go to church when I was younger every now and then with my grandma, but I didn't really understand what was going on. Now I fully understand and know that the Lord is a blessing to me and my family. I think you had the accident with the pastor for a reason. It wasn't by coincidence. God bless!

All religious people have their own brand of religion, how do you know that the Catholics have it wrong? What gives you the impression you're right? And do you think yours and the Muslim god are the same?

maybe she meant that's just not what Christians believe..?
sorry just giving a thought