Why are their so many people on EP that are trying to bring down our faith? Twice I read a comment questioning our faith. It's hard enough being a teenage christian when your own sisters don't like you, you have no friends, and people just seem to dislike you for no appreciate reason. I came here on EP to meet other Christians and communicate with them, sharing stories of how God blessed our lives. But no, instead I find several comments telling us there is no God, Jesus Christ wasn't the son of God, etc etc. I'm tried of it! No matter what you do, what you say, how you feel, or whatever, I will always ALWAYS believe in God, I will ALWAYS believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, I will ALWAYS serve God, I will ALWAYS praise Him. Have I ever thought about killing myself? Yes. You wanna know who kept me going, who kept me from taking my own life, GOD!
It's shameful how Jesus Christ died for our sins and only a few of us thank him, worship him, and want to spend eternal life with him. Everyone else wants to ignore that and live their lives, tattoo their bodies, and do who knows what else. Stop trying to bring down our faith!
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There are some good Christian friends to be found here on EP, but one has to look carefully for them.

Amen! What you said is so true, i had almost he same past and i'm still truggling,but thank God I can stand my ground trough Him who gives me strength..God bless!

Hey! I believe in Jesus Christ like the one person said. However, it was not always that way. Once I have no religion. Once I have no God! Before I suffered much. Then someone saved me. Someone was there for me. Every time I came for help, that person would always tell me to pray to God. So after many times of this person helping me out, I prayed and my life was changed.

Allah the creator of U and Me..He is the only One God of this Universe..Full of mercy..Thanks Allah to give me a life in this beautiful planet.. I thank you for giving me Drinking water, Food , Sunlight, and Oxygen to Survive..You are the only one God..Its great sin if i pray and worship other than You..Oh Lord .Pardon my sins...Please pour your mercy and peace on me and all peoples in this Planet.. .thank you thank you thank you again..
A Love from Allah..Hatred for None..

Jesus Christ! Well, The Holy Bible says not to put other people's religion down. So you worship your own and I do mine. We still have peace like it says in The Holy Bible. No problem. Merry Christmas.

Remember: Our Forefather Abraham proclaimed Oneness of God
Allah says: your duty is to deliver my message with valid proof..Acceptance is their choice. God Bless all seeds of Abraham..Amen

Finally, I wish to finish this exchange, with passion and truth. Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He is the living Word, the Son of God, and so much more it is unimaginable. I am bold in my convictions and my relationship with Him. I am a servant of Christ, and though I may turn the other cheek, I will never deny His Holy name. He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God, and the Lamb of God. He gave to me, the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which, with the mighty power of God, guides my ways. Through His name, and His name alone, I am saved. Amen!

Jesus Christ! You are so bold. Thank you. I am a weak Christian. I try to stand up for doing the right thing, but often times I fail. I am not proud of who I am. I usually stay on the safe route. I remember there was this one person. That person would always go around even when so many seem to be against. Some people like martyrs are just too much. They sacrifice themselves selfless for others. For the good they do in their lives, they should be rewarded not harmed. Anyways, there are so many injustices in the world. I guess that is why there is the after-life. We are on earth and it is a testing ground. If you pass, you enjoy the next life in Heaven. If you fail, you could repeat this round or worst?

I am a bible believing christian, People hate Christians, most people who claim to be christian are apostate. You are young read your bible and you will have answers for all of the questions you have written here do not fall away from Jesus Christ i am personally being prosecuted in my life for living in the word of God i could loose everything but i do not care i love God with all my heart soul and strength, and we as american Christians are the most spoiled and protected Christians in the world, people are dyeing every day in other nations because they will not reject Christ the only Truth in this world is your KJV bible and even now it is being slowly corrupted do not read new versions that claim to be modern we as a people are more ignorant and weaker than our forefathers we cannot re-translate a better word of god than the people who did it before us.

First of all if you really believe in something and it works for you then it should not matter what people have to say about it. Also you have to realize that we live in a world with Billions of people and not every body is going to believe what you believe. That is just a fact of life > not every body is going to have the same tastes > not every body is from the same background and not everybody will believe what you believe. You have to just learn that in life > that people are different and entitled to their opinion. <br />
Also you have to consider that this is a discussion forum.. and people come here to discuss things and debate things > so that even furthers the idea that some people do not believe what you believe and some might even thing your silly or weird or something else. But again. If you really believe what you claim to believe and if that beliefs edifies your life in some way.. then you should be comfortable to stick to it and not be persuaded if others don't like it... or if they think you are weird or wrong etc etc. Also sometimes <br />
people might be challenging your belief because they wonder about it and just want to have a discussion about it.. and if you answer their questions in a straight forward way > or shed light about your faith.. then you actually might WIN some over to what you believe. <br />
Not every body was born a Christian. I wasn't I was raised an atheist! <br />
but when I was around 25 years old I went on a quest to find meaning and purpose in life and eventually I did come to believe that there is something special about Jesus and finding out facts about his life has changed my life for the better. <br />
BUT> before I came to fully believe in God etc. I had a lot of questions.. and I wanted to test things out and make sure it was something real and not just a <br />
fairy tale. Eventually I came to believe That Jesus really did live 2000 years or so ago and I do believe he is the way to God and salvation. SO it was not a snap of the finger decision for me. It was several years of questioning and wondering and reading and studying..... and still to this day there are aspects of the Christian Life that I am not sure about.. even though I do believe Jesus is the way to God. <br />
SO you have to have compassion on others. That people are in the dark on issues <br />
and might not be understanding of what you believe. But if you talk to them in a way that is Loving and with patience and in a way that is edifying. You might win some over to your faith. And winning over people to your faith is part of your faith Is it not?? <br />
Also you have to remember that Jesus himself was persecuted and warned that those that follow him will be too. Jesus won people over to the truth with Love and Patience<br />
and you can too. <br />
Hang in there and try not to get offended when people don't know all that you know or believe all that you believe. If you are able to talk to people without getting offended you can show them that there is something to your faith that is so real to you that you don't need to get upset about it > if they don't understand. Did you always know about Jesus? I didn't? <br />
Did you fully understand the whole message and purpose of Jesus in just one conversation? I didn't. It took years for me to understand. Years for me to fully believe. <br />
If you ask yourself > (what people) helped you understand things.... you will probably be able to say it was the people who were able to talk about it and testify about it without getting angry or offended. It was most likely the people who shared their faith so naturally and with confidence in it that > it caused you to think this person has something that Id like to have! that is how it worked for me. <br />
When Jesus hung on the cross while Roman soldiers were torturing him and beating him and people were mocking him and talking trash about him in doubt. His prayer was. > Father forgive these people. THEY DONT KNOW!! < they don't understand what they are doing and don't understand how wrong they are. But later on some of them came to believe AFTER they mocked him and hurt him. <br />
One of the Roman soldiers > one of the ones who hurt him badly came to say<br />
> Truly this man was the Son of God!! < he came to believe later on after he had done wrong and people can still today can come to believe and be saved after they might have mocked it or doubted or persecuted people who believe. <br />
The Apostle Paul > used to Persecute Christians and hurt them before he came to believe. Then once he came to believe God used him in Big ways. <br />
Its not easy for people to change what the believe or don't believe. <br />
Be patient with people and don't let them upset you because they don't know yet. <br />
Your patience in dealing with them and standing firm in your faith could win some over! <br />
Have a good one.

AMEN..There's spiritual warmth in your explanation..God Bless =)

Thanks, Yeah. First off I am not the tightest Christian in the world as far as living a religious life and being perfect. BUT. Jesus has changed y life for the better in Big ways. I was saved from Alcoholism. I became a much better person. I have peace that I didn't have before. I care about others and help people when before I didnt care about anyone. I had other addictions that were broken off my life because I believe in Jesus. So I am not a traditional Christian as far as being a pastor or living a very religious life. But I have Jesus in my heart and I walk in Love and compassion and I live buy the principals of Goodness He taught and I believe my soul is saved. So I am not like Billy Graham buy any stretch of the imagination. But I am somebody who has been changed inside and out because I believe in Jesus and his life and teachings have shown me a side to life I did not know of before. So I keep that in my heart and nobody can take it away from me. I don't need prayer shawls or to spend all my time in religious services. I can have the Love of God in my heart and live with compassion for others because Jesus is my example. I don't get offended if people Mock Jesus. I just know they dont understand. I didn't understand for nearly 30 years. We were all in darkness at one point. So I have no reason to get upset at people who still are. I have no reason to argue with them or to be upset with them. I just go on in the Lord and let them see I have something in my life that is better than the booze and the drugs and the anger and the depression etc that so many people suffer from and I let the example of how I have overcome that kind of stuff through the Love of Christ.
The example of What Christ does in our lives can show people that Jesus
really is Lord.

We should pray for those that are lost. We are blessed for we are on the right path. Not all of us have been on the right path our entire lives. There is always time for someone to discover God. We should not ignore them, but I agree that sometimes our words fall on deaf ears. Perhaps our actions, attitudes, and lives can inspire those that are n the wrong path to reconsider their path. <br />
<br />
People nowadays believe they are smarter than God, but wisdom comes from God. Young adults believe their way is better than that of the bible.i am glad you found God! You are right that we are not thankful enough. I am thankful that you found God. God bless you.

My first time on here was yesterday and i was so sad at the comments about god and the bible and how they dont believe in either and that people were saying they were going to hell and acted like they were proud they were on there way to hell..if this made me sad immagine how this must hurt GOD. we must strong because one day they are going to wish they believed

stay strong my sister, don't be discouraged, this has been going on since Jesus first stepped foot into this world and will continue until He comes back.<br />
<br />
I myself just got through reading 1 Peter and it is strengthening me and encouraging me. Chapter 4 may be something that you can read and meditate on for a couple of days.

I have heard people talk about how if it wasn't for Jesus Christ coming into their lives, then they probably wouldn't be alive today (due to suicide or drugs, reckless behavior etc) and then the haters come in, thinking that they are superior, and try to convince them that the believer is stupid and God doesn't exist. <br />
<br />
What kind of person would do that? What kind of person, who after reading a story about someone deciding not to kill themselves because they had found Christ, would then go ahead and try and convince that person that Christ doesn't exist? What an awful thing to do?<br />
<br />
Some people get so wrapped up in thinking that they are right and trying to convince others that they are right that they don't realize what they are really doing. <br />
<br />
Trying to convince someone that the very thing that saved someone from committing suicide doesn't exist is just plain evil. It is the devil speaking through these people. <br />
<br />
We just have to ignore them. More and more Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs. There is nothing we can really do to stop it.

Keep up your faith, Don't listen to what others say

I DEFINITELY agree i see that alot on EP! But hunney you just got to keep going and not allow these people to touch ur faith! Its nothing but the devil working through them and when the devil works through them, they are liable to say anything. Understand bc u are a christian esp at such an yound age (great) u will be attacked...you just have to know how to shake it off, tell the devil to keep back because God is the person u serve n he fights all ur battles...then u will see the devil and his people FLEE!