I Prayed For My Sister

to love me she is older 74 I am 59 unfortunately my mother had a habit of showing favortism to us kids.And becasuse of it my sister has always hated me. But I have always felt being brother and sister that should outweigh those feelings and i knew we should love one another. So being SAVED I gave up trying to talk to her it was like throwing a log on a fire. So i decided Id pray for her that whether I was in her life or not I wanted her to have salvation. So the prayers kept going out I started praying God ,just do whats best for her. Well low and behold x-mas day 2011 she called me and wanted a relationship. WOW God did hear me and I am happy. BUT talk about a test she is still all the ways that God is changeing in me and that makes it very difficult.But when she lashes out It reminds me of me,the ways I have prayed that God will change in me. See my mom had an attitude that was simple think my way do my way or hit the highway. And already my sister has already warned me if I act this way or say things that way she will just stop talking to me again. So talk about walking on egg sheels. I was thinking about it this morning and was led to scripture that God said if you continue to show others PEACE and they dont accept it God said I will give you their share or even double for my trouble well this is what Ive prayed for so I must just let the LIGHT shine thru me.
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

Flock, there is so much in your story that I can relate to in my own life. I am the older sister, but I am like you toward my younger brother who is more like your older sister. We are six years apart. I do not know if I want a relationship with my brother or my half siblings. We are very different, and I would not choose any of them for a friend. To be civil would be good though. I am going to pray in the spirit for them and let God work it out. Thank you for sharing

jesus saved from a very big tragedy..i am daily thanking him

sending prayers