The End Times:

I believe this, and have days when I would welcome it but have been told that is a selfish thought. But The earth itself is pollted to death God is being publicaly persecuted like I havent heard before. Sin is running rampid its hard to trust others, Love seems like a four letter word it seems like the F-word is more acceptable than God and Love. War and rummors of wars no value on life there are probably many others I dont care to think about them much Id rather stay focused on God He takes away all those negative thoughts.But yeah I believe the End is Near there will be a lot of sorry people, I say bring it on Jesus Im coming home yahooooooo!!
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

I know the end times are here go look up strange noises from the sky on YouTube I've heard them 4 times and remember in the bible where it say sea will be turned to blood? The oil spill...

I love God to and I have been saved

The "end times" are part of God's providential will, just like the first and second coming of Christ Jesus. He can either use us in it on His side or we can experience the wrath of it by being in opposition to Him. We have been told as believers to be on guard for the deceivers and angels of darkness in disguise. Do not be conformed to the world even though we live in it. Keep our eyes on the prize of the high calling which is in being strong and wise like Christ Jesus. Do not be dismayed, but count it all joy because God has the back of all who have a heart toward Him.