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My yes what a difference life is with Jesus in your life. If you let Him lead you thru each day you find so much peace in this rotten world. He makes your heart lighter and helps you get thru all your problems every day. If it wasnt for Him Im sure we all would be so depressed all the time oh my what a thought.!!!

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Amen mimio8 stop by my mail and chat I love to talk and listen as a lot will tell you LOL

Praise to the King of Kings!

Oh that is so wonderful He has done so many good things for me I love Him and will be here for Him to talk to whoever I can. I would not be here either if He hadnt changed my life. I cant thank Him enough I am so changed I dont even know me any more. Praise God for us all

Hats off to you for your effort. Many people talk about God, yet never even tried to know him. I pray that you not give in to your mindset. I wondered, if you ever listened to Family Radio. I was brought up in the church, and never fully understood anything from the Bible. I prayed for more understanding, and the very next day I fould an Arkansas preacher on television, who reads directly from the Bible, and a short time later I found Family Radio. Harold Camping the president of this radio station talk show has a wealth of information about the Bible. He and other truth seeking scholars are searching the word all the time. I am not sure what radio address you would have to tune to, but you can get the information from the website. The Bible study alone has taught many people more than any other source. This particular station also takes live calls where people can ask questions and if they have found Mr. Camping to be wrong they can voice that on the air as well. I was actually shocked by what was being said(being raised both Pentecostal and Catholic denominations) but I found everything in the Bible this preacher was claiming was in there. Proving what I mentioned before about how the churches do not teach the whole truth and therefore are on Gods list. I don't want to take up more of your time, but I will continue to pray for your deeper understanding of our magnificent God.

Who's been teaching you? As humans, we like to think we understand Gods word, just by reading it. But daily supplecation is required for one to get the bigger picture. God set forth a set of rules or social standards as it were. We humans have altered the word to suit our needs. It is my belief that When the Bible was finished, God was already unhappy with the way his word was treated in the churches. There is only one source of truth and it is the Bible. I could go on for days, but to address your comments directly, God wants us to be good upstanding citizens. Since He knows from Adam and Eve, that is not a possibility, & He loved His creation (us humans) He therefore paid the fine that he would otherwise exact for our inability to adhere to His commands. That sounds more like a forgiving and patient God than a demanding and ferocious God. If you aren't getting this picture, call out to God, ask him to show you what exactly he wants you to know. Lastly, it is my understanding that the only unforgiveable sin is blaspheming, or denying the word of God. Maybe you have been steered wrong in the past, but you are old enough and capeable of enough reading that you should seek the truth for yourself. I will pray for you as well. Good luck, I believe God will draw you close, because He is the only one who can. You cannot do it alone. Get a new understanding and you will sing a new tune.