When We Are Lost

When We are Lost

I cannot lead when I am lost
Missing amongst the living
I am the dead walking
Pushing on with no purpose,
I am lost, blind with fear
Guilt and pain dividing me
Lost and struggling against
Me and what proves
I find myself in hate
Disgusted with feeling
Want to be free from
Question why and what
I losing the fight
Can’t win if only
Putting God first I
Loving me and all

I failing will succeed.
Only when I am
But what if I can’t
No question I can

I can with God
Doing all things
Finding me I knowing
Nothing can stand if

I proving myself to
Being with God’s grace
Loving me, all and
Yes I will yes,

I finding me and what
Coming to Christ with
My burden lay down
No longer lost but,

I found a way
Moving on and
On my way to be
Now I can lead.

I am no longer lost.
Found ways to cope
Not just coping with
Now proving and

I know what I know
Pushing on moving
Past is now past now
As it was is no longer

I leading the fight
Life for will my
Struggle with progress
To be great no promise

I potential not enough
Putting on the shield
Walking by faith my
Breast plate and sword

I salvation my helmet
Protecting his flock from
Principalities will try will
Truth proven and feet sure

I lost no more shepherd
Peace, full of light
Stay in prayer constant
Comfort in skin me.

I lead sight not bind
Price paid blood his
Body hanged on his
Word every one saved.

AbstrakThought4real AbstrakThought4real
31-35, M
Sep 21, 2012