Why I Love Jesus

I am a church girl.  I was born and raised in NYC to two wonderful loving Christian parents.  They instructed me in the ways of God and taught me about his love and kindness.  When I was 20, I got married, had a baby, and stopped going to church.  I couldn't fit God in my life.  Too much going on.  I spent 8 years too busy to be bothered.  Although deep down, there was a longing to be reunited with him.  Two years ago he made that possible.  He placed an overwhelming desire in my heart to seek him and I have been doing so ever since.  He has opened my eyes to all that he kept me from in those years I spent away from him.  He has showered me with unconditional love and a wonderful peace.  I never want to be away from him again.  He is my true love.
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3 Responses May 16, 2007

I didn't really grow up in church, but me and my sisters went every now and then with my grandma. I didn't really understand the concept of the Holy Ghost, or what Christianity was about. I got saved when I was twenty one and now i fully understand. Im twenty six now, and church has really changed my life. I haven't had a church home in a year due to a lot of things that went on in the church, but im not going to let that stop my relationship witth the Lord. I have work to do, but im going back to where I need to be. the only thing is, I wish I could find a really good church home. Until then, im still going praise him. I can relate to your story. God bless!

He always tries to pull us back when we belong to Him. Heed His call, take the time to get down on your knees and tell Him how much you need Him!! I love Him too...because I KNOWHe loves me!!

I am glad He brought you back to him. I have felt separated from God ever since I started high school and this is my first year in college. I still go to church and youth group and Christian club and all but I don't feel connected to Him. Your story encouraged me to not give up in that search for him again.