2012 has been the hardest year so far. I got sick, I went away for four months and my husband cheated and wanted to divorce... Being hurt physically, emotionally, mentally, and verbally sucked! I was so lost and hurt, I wanted to die! How could people be so cruel and heartless?! Everyday was agonizing and a challenge, how could I possibly move on!? My husband was splurging and doting on another woman while I was being faithful and taking care of our baby, when I couldn't take care of myself! I never felt so alone.

Thank goodness God never abandoned me and comforted me through it all. I realized, if I would put it all in his hands he will come through for me like he always have. I prayed every night for strength and guidance on what was the right thing to do. Then I decided to agree to a divorce with my husband because if I couldn't make him happy, then I shouldn't be selfish and keep him from happiness... I didn't feel bad at all, I thought I would cry and hurt but I trusted God and I felt happiness and peace with in.. I felt I could conquer the world if I could get through this!!

After long nights of talking with my husband he was shocked that I wanted and willing to sign the divorce papers.. I was shocked as well because even though Im gonna lose my husband, I found a friend in him. Every night I would wait for him to contact me and we talked like the first time we started talking, he opened up to me, said things he was never able to say before, asked for forgiveness and he realized was stupid for cheating and letting me go, because he loves me more than anything!

I decided to forgive him and come home to him. We have our daily challenges, but with gods guidance anything is possible! It's a great feeling being with him and being able to open up and talk about anything and everything!!
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Oh yes! you did the right thing! go...If he wants to stay it must be on God's condition...be faithful not just outside..INSIDE also!When he make love to you...he must be thinking how to please you ..not of how wonderful the other lady is!In other words cherish you!

Sweet words alone from your hubby won't do.He need to take action! Prove himself1 Just now I just show you how my wife and I work real hard just to make a GODLY family!I sincerely apologize on your hubby's behalf..as a man, my bro in christ has failed you and hurt you bad jus twhen you needed him!Please ask him to read this and ask to to make v. v. special amends so that your marrige will be a joy to all...By the way after much endurance from my teacher's wife for 28 years my tongue is polihed like a German knife!She said...when I am nasty just a few words cut real deep! Ha! Ha!So I make a deal with her last month that she will always be on my mind...and take the trouble to say loving words!

ai yoh! You are so soft and easy on this iresponsible fellow! I got a severe tongue lash just because I was slow mixing the milk 3.00a.m.600am another round for not getting the eldest ready for school...7.00m...rush to take no 3 to baby sitter...8.30 start work.....12.30noon pick up the eldest from school, 1.30 the 2nd fro m kinddy...pass them to wife who just came back from work...rush to office....close at6.00pm rush back...help wife make dinner while she take 1and 2 to play....7.30 dinner...then wash up then...hang up the laundry....pant...pant...WHERE IS THE TIME FOR AFFAIRS? so mz, you are too too good.!!

praying for you