My Chains Are Gone I've Been Set Free.

I was saved, when I was 13, got married at 19 divorced and walked away from God when I was 22, did drugs and alcohol. When I turned 30 the Lord brought me back home. That's my story in a nut shell.
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Many people go through troubles and many people need to go through troubles to break an immature view of God. Unfortunately some parents give a very distorted view of God to their kids and this leads their children to believe in a god that is not real or at the least not complete leading them to abandon God when they strike tragedy in life and troubles in relationships.

This is why it is good even for young Christians to get into the Bible and read for themselves the Word of God to get the message of god direct from Him and establish a real personal relationship with God. Not a relationship with God through their parents or even through their church.

Thanks njs1975 for revealing your troubled path and your return to the Way of salvation, keep growing in knowledge seek and you shall find. Be always eager to learn more to build yourself up so that no troubles will ever undermine your eternal relationship with God again.

Blessings to you

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