I Love Jesus

Allah the creator of U and Me..He is the only One God of this
Universe..Full of mercy..Thanks to Allah for given us a life in this
beautiful planet.. I thank Allah for giving me Drinking water, Food ,
Sunlight, and Oxygen to Survive..You are the only one God..Its great sin
if i pray and worship other than You..Oh Lord .Pardon our sins...Please
pour your mercy and peace on me and all peoples in this Planet..
...thank you thank you thank you again..

I Love Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed

A Love from Allah..Hatred for None..
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

YAHUWAH IS THE CREATOR'S NAME. not allah. Religion deceives us and takes us away from YAHUSHUA, please realize this

Actually, Jesus is the Creator of all things. Jesus is God's Son, perhaps you know.

This IS an I Love Jesus group!

I too love Jesus and Jesus people. I read whole Bible.Old testament and New testament and Gospels.
"It is written, 'You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.'(Matthew 4:10)
If Jesus is God, he might say "I am God, you should worship me alone"

But see what says QUR'AN " I am ALLAH (God): there is no god but I, therefore serve ME alone and keep up prayer for MY remembrance"(Chapter 20:14)

Read The QUR'AN. then you will understand. GOD bless you.