Guided To Jesus After Bereavement.

I used to be a devout Christian as a child and teenager (Church of England), then through my 20's I became an atheist, and totally lost religion. Even after a number of years caring for my grandfather, who had Alzheimer's, I still didn't understand why I had ever had faith .

When my granddad passed away, 18 months ago, I didn't think about faith in a tangent way, but I found myself reading lots of literature about Catholicism. I don't know why Catholicism, my family are made up of C of E, and Methodists, but I actually felt like I was being guided towards it. I began to attend a group to inquire about converting and it was in this group that I started to learn more about Jesus and the Holy Trinity.

I am more devout now than I have ever been in the entirety of my life. I find great comfort in praying the rosary, in praying daily, and attending services. I am truly grateful to God in helping me find my way again, even if it was in the most unexpected way. I never would have envisaged I would become Catholic.

God bless.
TrikkiNikki TrikkiNikki
31-35, F
Jan 16, 2013