I Am Giving Up Everything I Am Going To Do For Jesus Christ To Lead Me Into This Life And The Next Life

I asked jesus if I could let go of my previous incarnated life and move on to a better life in this life and the next.

I told jesus I do not wish to return to the previous life, I choose to let go. so I grabbed his wrist and said lead me jesus christ for I give my entire life and the next life unto you. and let me pass away from this lifetime and into the spirit life knowing I have fullfilled my life. I cried spiritually and physically for such an emotional trance wiffled straight through my entire soul and spirit. I said jesus I will never leave this dimension and even if I do not do this to my life and for humanity. I will still never leave this world, I will live forever lord jesus christ.

and I say unto jesus christ who is with me as we read this message.

take me under your wing jesus and let me be with you wherever you shall go and do in the spiritual world and the spiritual heavenly place you are in.for you said you can go where no physical being can go unless they become spiritual.

jesus I let go of this alien life, I let go of these other alien beings. I release all sources of thought in my mind of this event. and I give my spirit my soul my life unto you jesus christ our lord.take me as you find me jesus and let my life be taken by your holy spirit.

I could of done so much for the human race jesus but I chose a diffirent path and that's you lord. you were worried about me leaving my life jesus, I thank you for that jesus. I will not leave my life early jesus I am staying.

for all the ages and dimensions in time I do have the power of will to let go of the alien sources that have been upon my life right now jesus and release , let go and go with you now.

for all the human nation's on earth and all the other alien galactic nations jesus I give myself unto you.
illuminist90 illuminist90
26-30, M
Feb 1, 2013