If I Can Not Pass Onto You Jesus Christ I Am Nothing Of Who I Am.

because the truth is jesus none is like you, and I can not be like you.

you are the main creator of the heavens and the worlds and all planetary groups.

you constructed all galactic and earth nations. in me jesus I hold you up.

and as I lift up all to the inner balance, even though my physical flesh rejects it. my inner balance does not reject the father of light of life jesus, my most powerful vision of you jesus. is rising up to the inner balance with you jesus, holding you in my arms as my rockets propel me upwards with holding you there.

because you are the rock jesus that can not be broken or moved by anything......

the darker forces have no power while you are there jesus.
but you can be moved by the power "within" and what's within you jesus is the inner balance. I will never EVER leave this dimension jesus and neither will you leave me.
neither will I leave you no matter how much my body rejects and tells you to go away. I am with you jesus.

aitan20 aitan20
26-30, M
Feb 1, 2013