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I'M So In Love With Jesus Christ

My faith has become so strong, and I give my life to Christ and his command and not the laws of this world. I fear him and love him. I'm so in love with Christ. He has always been there for me my friend, my father, my husband (spiritually), my everything. I have not known a greater love. And I just wanted to praise him and worship him. I trust him with all my heart. I use to hate life, but I found life and more love. As he works on me to make me like him, it is so easy to love him when you give up your life and pick up your cross. Thank-you Jesus for the love you displayed on the cross and continue to do everyday. My savior, my teacher, my lord is Jesus Christ.  
WalkThroughTheFire WalkThroughTheFire 18-21, F 5 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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Wish I could feel that way about him. But still struggling. Lucky you. Life for you seems so clear and relieving.

You too can feel that way about Christ. You just need to develop a personal relationship with him.

I just noticed you posted that a very long time ago. How are your feelings now?

How long has Jesus been your greatest lover?

Placebo effect

Praise the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

:) Raise up soldiers to our Lord.

Amen that's beautiful, I'm so glad to hear if others and how he works in each of our lives.

Yeah it is awesome to her how God works in peoples life.