Jesus Is So Dear,,, to Me and I Love Him

I know there are times we all mess up and we alll fall short, but one thing is for sure Jesus is the best thing that has ever happend to me in my life.. I have so much to thank him for and so much to be thankful for.. I had a rough life as a child and yes i did have a great mom and dad as for them i beleave that i couldn't have found better thank god he blessed me with great parents,, yes i was like any other teenage child had parents that did got a little over pertected, and then i didn't know why, and that caused alot of up's and down's between us but i still loved them and know now why thay only was watching out for me... at time's i felt like running away from home and never returning but that would have been a big mistask... jesus has been with me through every promble that i ever had to face and he has stood by me when the whole world had seem to pass me by....i remember those nights feeling allll alone and just thinking about life how mess up it was and seeing now just how far he has brought me,,, i could go on and on, but there is more beleave me, but i just want to get it out YES I LOVE JESUS.... chosenone2003
chosenone2003 chosenone2003
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1 Response Jun 4, 2007

Dear Chosenone, I want for you to know that you really do inspire me with your genine love for God. Yes you're right, I also feel sometimes that I mess up alot in my walk with the Lord. But then I think about how God tells us that there is not one perfect person in this life other than Himself. Jesus is so good to us and it is such a great blessing to know that He loves us not matter how much we mess up at times in our life's. My parents were're also kinda strict with us growing up in this messed up world. what a blessing that God Himself choose our parents. See He knew He could entrust us to them to care for us. You honestly sieze to amaze me with your humble spirit, I will always be grateful to God for bringing you in my life. God bless<br />