A Bible Update?

I'm a HUGE fan of Jesus, but wish they would bring the Bible up to date a little.  It's popularity and the church would increase 100%.

It was written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus, so please don't start accusing me of blasphemy!

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One of God commandments are to not creat your own God. That means that people who make up there own rules and make up things about the bible in there own opinion are making there own God. God said that no one is to add to the bible or take away from. And if you dont have understanding you should pray for understanding.

the Bible is as updated as it needs to be. When God inspired the scriptures He said what He meant and meant what He said. His word will endure forever. It means the same today as it did then and it will mean the same thing 2000 years from now. Updating might get more people in church but it will not get more people in heaven.

the bible is God's inspired writings and it is timeless. You can get Bibles that are written in today's languages but I don't think you will ever find a bible that gives you what you want (or some people want) It is how God wants you to live your life and some things that are being proposed are in God's eyes sins. He loves the sinner though, not the sins. I think a document that has a main tenet of love is super, sorry that others don't see it that way. Perhaps they should look for a universal being elsewhere. I too love Jesus and God. I am so glad that Jesus, a sinless human, took on all of humanites sins, so that we could be close to God. That is so awesome. I especially think that at Christmas (or when he was actually born) we should see how he came into this world, born in a cave and bedded in a feeding trough, all so that we would be able to love him. He loves us so good and throughly that I am in awe.

I love Santa, and he brings me stuff.

I love Snow White. I don't think there's anything wrong with loving a make-believe, fictional character - no matter how silly.

i love jesus too! just wish we could get more people involved like us!

I agree 100% The message is most important, the ecumenicals are just politics.<br />
If they were to drop the anti gay, anti abortion , the 'anti' philosophy and go in for a more 'pro' message, i think more people would attend mass.<br />
<br />
Rather than were anti sex before marriage, it could be we're pro loving relationships.<br />
Rather than being anti-war, why not be pro-peace?<br />
It just feels far more positive & inclusive than anti this and anti that.