Growing With Jesus

There are so many places I could start. I would like to keep it simple though. I have always loved Jesus. When I was little I was raised as a Christian Science. I was always hearing stories About Jesus. He was making the blind see, the crippled walk, raising the dead, but these are not the things that drew me to him. It was the fact that everywhere He went, He always brought happiness and peace to all He talked or to those He touched. I wanted to be like that , I wanted to bring happiness to those that I met, or to those I came in contact with. I even wanted to grow my hair long, because every picture I saw of Jesus he had long hair. That would not be the story of my life though, though events in my life I took a wrong turn. I grew up drinking, and in the military I was introduced to drugs, but I am getting a little ahead of myself. Growing up I was in and out of institutions as a kid, at seventeen I had to into the military to stay out of prison. Little good that did though. I was put in prison one year after I got out of the military. I have been dead three times behind the use of drugs. My life story is alot longer, but through all of this God never left me, He was always there at every turn trying to turn me in the right direction. I was stubborn when I was younger. I was so sure that God could find somebody that was better than me.  I felt that I did not deserve His love. I felt that I had failed Him, and most of all I had failed myself. God did not see it that way, He never gave up on me even though I was ready to give up. I have seen alot in my 58 years, and every inch of it was with God at my side. If He had not been there I would not be here writing this today. This I am convinced. God is in my heart even if I was to evict Him, He would not leave. This I know because He didn't. I would like to give back what He has given me, But that would take more years than I have left on this earth. I know in my heart that He is happy just knowing that I truly Love Him. I believe that Jesus gave His life for all that believe in Him.     With that " I LOVE JESUS CHRIST"



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I loved your story and would encourage you to read this as inspiration as well:<br />
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What a great story, I would like to read more of your story and long walk in christianity. I would like to be your friend. Is it possible? I'm also born again and love Jesus Christ. I'm looking for a person who we can share about our experiences, challenges and hardships encountered in christian walk with Jesus. Encourage each other. I'm 21

It sounds like you've found someone truly inspirational to you which is great :D