I'm a Sinner

I am sinner there are area of my life I know God is not happy about and I do work on them, but heres the thing I know that He loves me that he wants me to be closer and as long as I work to the goal to be better I am okay living with his love in my life.

No one is perfect I am not at all and I am okay cause were I am broken he will come in and make me strong in him

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Oh god loves the sinner...before he takes the faithful he will help the sinner find thire way ....

Thanks for responding :-) It may not be very biblical. You will see if you look at my stories here that I have no faith myself, but I have no wish to challenge yours. It is just that believe strongly that our powers of mind, of observation, introspection and analysis are sacred and were granted us to be used. I think that not to use them is wrong, immoral, and I am very worried that there are people in the world who want to discourage us from using those powers because it suits their own selfish aims. There ARE things we can do to alter our behaviour and feel better about ourselves and the world around us and I cannot believe that they are in any way insulting to God. What is important is that we feel fulfilled and able to live upright honorable lives, free of guilt and filled with the inner strength which will allow us to distinguish between good and evil, fear and love; the two poles of existence, between which we move with every choice we make. In that I am sure I have a lot in common with many Christians and I think we can and should share and celebrate the common ground. Best wishes T.

Hey there. I believe it's out of God's will for me to read this right now...Erm, I noticed the time is a little long for now. I'm not sure that it reveals your latest opinion...but I do just wanna point out one thing, as when u put "we feel fulfilled……and filled with the inner strength ……the two poles of existence," that the inner strength filled us does not come from our effort, but the Faith Through Christ Jesus ONLY. And the two poles of existence can be made one ONLY through the Cross we carry following Jesus Christ in Faith. If you really are a Christian as you claim, you'd know what I mean. If not may God's Grace is with you on. In Jesus's Name. Amen!

Tomfool, <br />
though I do respect what you say i am at lost as to how it is at all biblical. <br />
David, Paul, Peter, Stephen, Jesus himself turn to God when they were weak and broken and asked for his help. I can do nothing without him and in that weakness he makes me strong, <br />
There is nothing I can do without him, its only by the Grace of God will I find peace and happiness

I don't know what I would do if it were not for God's grace and mercy.

I am sure people can be saved by God's grace and it is great to have a sense of light in the dark, but I would like to suggest that you can do a lot of the work of saving for yourself, by asking yourself some searching questions. If you behave in a way that you feel is wrong, in my experience this means that you are unhappy about something in your life, usually something from your childhood that you blame yourself for, but which isn't really your fault. I think it is our responsibility to search out what it is that is making us feel weak and unhappy and guilty. When we work it out for ourselves we get stronger and we find that we no longer need to do the things we think are wrong. They begin to look childish and pointless and the happier we become with ourselves the less we feel the need to repeat them. In this way we step out of the circle of sinning, then feeling guilty, then sinning again because we hate ourselves. We become more moral people and God's work is done for him. If we turn to God in a state of weakness, we are in danger because we may become prey to unscrupulous people who will use our sense of guilt to make us do what they tell us and stop us thinking for ourselves. I am sure that God does not want us to stop thinking for ourselves. This is my experience, I hope you will accept it as offered with respect, and in a spirit of human fellowship.

Sweetheart, we are ALL Sinners Saved By Grace! We ALL fall short of the Glory of God, but thank God He forgives us, brushes us off and sends us down the right path, if we heed His Will for our lives! Remember......Phillipians 1:6 6being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.......GBY

you are correct and this story i enjoyed!