He´s My Best Friend

I have never known a love like His. An acceptence so sure. i have never known anyone like Him. i have never hurt anyone more than Him and yet the assurance of His love is so certain i can almost take it for granted. I AM LOVED!!! and i know it so. No one knows me like He does. I talk to Him about my walk  etc, about anything and everything. its not too much for him. Sometimes i stink ( a lot of times actually!!) in my ways , many times i forget about Him, i even get ashamed of him sometimes or shut Him up ( yeap  i ´m that bad!!) but i cannot not deny His immense love for me.  i have gone as far as there is to go, and he has come after me still. i thought, surely this time i have gone too far. I turned only to see his hand reaching out to me. I Love Him. I wish with the inner most desire my depths can utter i wish i could love Him more truelly.

                              Lord Jesus thank you for loving me. Thank you for mercying me. Thank you for drawing me home. Help me never to let go. Please read and reply. Amen

26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Amen and Amen! Do you have this in so-called inspirational confessions? This is one. If it's not too tempting for you, you need to put it in there. Some folks don't know the difference between inspiration and junk evidently. There is a section specifically labled for the junk and people don't have to be rocket scientists to figure out where it belongs! Stuff like yours belongs in the inspiratoinal conffessions.

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I'm very new to EP and don't know anything. I'm taking a class to become a Christian and frankly, I don't get it. I believe in God but the Jesus thing is a problem for me. Is there a good place to go on the web where you can chat with people about this? I don't want to do it here if it's inappropriate. Your ideas welcome. Hope I haven't offended.