It's All About Him

I have been a committed Christian for thirty 34 years, and the longer I walk with him, the more I realize it really is about HIM and who he is, and not about me. Every time I start  to think I have arrived, I am such a good Christian, and start to pat myself on the back. I do something really dumb and at makes me realize it's not about me, but its about who He  is. He is the one who picked us up and cleansed us, with out him we are nothing, and with him we can be all that, and more.

Love, Peace, and happiness. Yes, with him we can have all three.   I'm just sayin'....

Love you,


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5 Responses Feb 17, 2010

"Shared stories (testimonies) build relational bridges that Jesus can walk across from your heart to another's heart."

I sooooooo agree with you

That's so true...<br />
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Everytime life starts getting to me I realise how selfish I've been. The more I focus on His will, the happier I am. He sorts out all my problems for me! I don't need to try to be good, His grace is enough and I want to be closer to God.<br />
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:) Thanks 4 your wisdom

Frania, thank you for the post!

love it...<br />
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love Him!<br />
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God bless you!