I Love Jesus

Jesus has saved me and has given me purpose. The more I learn about Jesus the more I love to live, live to see my Father. I have found comfort through Jesus even through the worst storms of my life. Even when I didn't really know Jesus, something inside of me was guiding me to my Savior. I thank Him from the bottom of my heart to be here today, to type: I Love Jesus.
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6 Responses Oct 8, 2006

I can relate as well. God was with me, closely all my life, even as a child. Knew it and He saved me and got me through many hard times. But, when I truly gave my life to Him, is when I truly came to know Him and His total love, and His total justice. Drawing closer and closer to Him each day, as He guides me in His ways. Bless you for your post and may you always seek His face and trust in Him...

Beautiful story... and yes, there is no other love as Jesus love

Wow this is so true. Hello to all you BELIEVERS! Let's hear for JESUS wow this is exciting to have comments to these wonderful stories this indeed is what life is all about Jesus 1st! I got Jesus and he has me thank God for you all ! Hurray

i thank HIM for reaching out to you, be blessed for acepting HIM in your life. His love is eternal and it's our choice to receive it. I'm glad that you did. Keep your faith and hold on tight to HIS loving hand.

Nothing better than his love.

God was always in my heart too...I always knew there was something more. An elderly lady told me about Jesus when I was a little girl, and I have believed ever since. I got saved at 20, but my heart always knew Him I think...