Avoid Being A Mad Liar Who Is Incompetent

A Christian says, aims and does Christianity.... what use would the Son of man have been if He could not SAY who he was, AIM to be who he was and to ACTION to be who he was. what a shame that the world does not admire us Christians for aligning values with strategies and strategies with actions... what a shame...

Shakespeare says "suit the action to the word, the word to the action" (William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act iii. Sc. 2) because only liars, and those with the misfortune of being either mad-men or incompetent people have words and beliefs that are not aligned with reality. We happen to not like being known as the aforementioned three people; it’s also bad for business. Liars, mad men and incompetent people often:

claim capabilities they do not possess,

claim values they do not aim for in action,

do what they do not believe in,

believes in what they do not do, and

do what they did not plan to do.

We routinely do not want to befriend, marry, or go out with the aforementioned three people; so it’s bad for both business and pleasure.

We pay CEOs and General Managers so much because it is not easy (but very important) to not become a liar, to not be a mad man and to be competent. Staying within the realm of truth, sanity, and capability is expensive for organizations and demanding to individuals.

Christ says we must let our yes be a yes and our no simply be No. we would not trust Christ (1) if we questioned what his intentions were, (2) if we questioned whether he aimed to fulfil them, (3) if we questioned whether he was capable of fulfilling them.


We must be the same to the world… the world must know (1) our intentions, values and who we are, (2) the world must know that we aim for and develop strategies for nothing else but to fulfil our intentions, values and who we are, (3) the world must know that we are capable of fulfilling our strategies through the power of God. I would like to suggest that being a Christian means keeping your word – in values, intentions and actions…


If organizations have competitors, people have enemies, and angels have demons then what would the “dark side” have in common? Competitors, enemies, and demons would want us to be Liars, mad men, and incompetent people. They would want us to not be able to keep our values, intentions and actions… and to not align the three....


As men and women we need to invest time consulting and planning, reviewing what we value, what we aim for and what we do…to avoid being liars, mad-men and incompetent people; on a frequent basis!

You would agree that an effective manager; CEO, or Executive must minimize misalignment between:

Organizational values,

Organizational strategy, and

Organizational capability.

This is essentially all that CEO and Executives come in early and leave late trying to do.


On the same note, an effective person aligns:


objectives, and

What they are capable of.


An effective organization is aligned, and an effective person must also be aligned.

This is achieved when the person constantly revisits their values, objectives, and capabilities; asking constantly:

"Am I pursuing what I believe?"

"What can I do to be capable of doing what I aim to do?" 

"Do I believe in or value what I am aiming to do?" 

"Do I value what I am capable of?"

And so forth.

I leave this with all those who love Christ - what is the way if it is not walked; what is truth if it is not said, and what is life if it is not lived? We do not do all this with our strength… when we announce ambitious identities, ambitious goals and embark on ambitious tasks they will ask us where we get the strength, courage and peace from and we will not be shy to, once again, confess to them that our hope is in Christ, our strength is in Christ, our lives are in Christ and though trouble comes we have peace in him.

jcchild jcchild
26-30, M
Apr 6, 2010