Why I Love Jesus

I always went to Church so I always knew that Jesus was my Saviour. However I decided to turn my back on all that I knew as right.

I left Church and moved out of home and tried things my way which only resulted in alot of pain and suffering. I decided 2 months ago that after 5 years this isn't the way to live.

I turned my back on my life and brought it all before Jesus and asked for forgiveness. I'm not deserving of forgiveness but He forgave me anyway, and brought me back into a deeper relationship with him.

A relationship where he is reafirming his position in my life and healing alot of pain and changing my entire way of thinking.

So for that I am eternally grateful to Jesus. He gave his life so that I might live a better life a life for him.

So I take up my cross daily and follow him. To be the light in the darkness of this world.

I love Jesus with all my heart and with all my soul.

For my heart and soul are his.

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I just came back too!!!!<br />
<br />
After a rough 30 years without him.<br />
<br />
Now I read these inspirational messages from this free newsletter.<br />

This struck a chord with me,i too was brought up with the knowledge that christ is our nuber one,and turned my back in adolecance.After years of misery i relized the path jesus set is the only one,he came back for me and saved me bringing me back to the light and his love.His love is the strongest love there is and when you have felt his holy spirit as we have,i would never leave him again.


It is so awesome that you have returned to Christ. I am always amazed that He loves so much He will ALWAYS take us back into His arms. Doesn't matter what we have done His forgiveness is waiting. I wish I could always except those who have hurt me with open arms.<br />
Hang in there and keep you eye on Christ.


Yes, Jesus is a good friend, whenever you need him.