Yes I Love the Lord

There are soooooo much that i thank him for sooooooo much that i praise him for u see he has been soooooo good to me. he is my strenth that keeps me going.. and with out him life is dull and lonely.. i think of that bible verse in Galatians chapter 5 verse 1, Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free,and be not entandgled again with the yoke of bondage. praise god we must keep ourself pure and strive to do so.... we are there one's that god has called out of the darkness into his light.... we have a job to do and he has place in our hearts the word of knowledge and understanding to help others... yes i love jesus and he soooo worderful to me...yes we all have sin and come short to the glory of god...but he doesnt want us to keep repeating sin after forgiveing us.... we are his and nothing can sperate us from the love of god....
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I love Jesus because he loved me first and saved me from eternal death...he blessed me with his Holy Spirit and washed me in his blood..<br />
so that I can testify to his power and saving grace...the enemy is satan and he hates the fact that my soul is saved...and so he tries to pull me down in so many ways..but I TRY to keep focused on JESUS the rock of my salvation...who ever may read these words and is needing some encouragement encouraged that God loves you and he is a kind and forgiving father ..all you need to do is give up and give in to Him...Jesus answers prayers and he will listen and come to cave you only if you ask..